Horse Rug Wash

Can’t live with that smell any longer? We offer an efficient and friendly laundry service for those large items you can’t wash at home.

We’re always looking to provide services that will make our clients lives easier. So we’ve invested in an industrial rug washing machine so we can wash turn out rugs, stable horse rugs, sweat rugs, fleeces, coolers, fly sheets, travel boots, bandages. You name it - we will wash it!! We have even washed dog beds and boat covers!

Prices are as follows:

Horse Stable Rugs: £8
Turn out rugs: £15 (Wash & Proof)
Turn out rugs: £9 (wash only)
Fleece/Cooler: £7
Travel Boots: £5
Pet Beds: £4

Please add £1 if your rug has a neck cover!

We’ll do our best to get your horse rugs washed and dry within 7 days.

All you need to do is bring your horse rugs in and we’ll bag and label them and ring you when they are ready to collect.



Our repair service has been suspended due to lack of demand, sorry for any inconvenience, if you have experience of repair work and have your own machine and would like to repair rugs please let us know.