Italian rye grass, Haylage, High Fibre, & Hay

A complete range of forage options, made on the Cheshire Plains, to suit your horse/pony

Call us on 07809689972 to discuss your needs or place an order! Reserve your winter haylage or hay supply with us!:

Unfortunately we have no haylage for sale in large and medium bales as our 2020/21 stocks are fully committed.

If you would like to place an order for the 21/22 season please get in touch with us to avoid disappointment.

We offer top quality haylage, Italian rye grass haylage, high fibre haylage and hay for purchase. We grow, harvest and pack all our products which means we can control the process from seed right through to sale. Prices on the website are for guidance purposes. If you would like a lorry load of large bales please call us on 07809689972 for a quote, please provide us with postcode so we can determine the delivery charge. Quality is really important to us and recent analyses are available on request. We offer a 6 month guarantee on all small bales from the date of packing.

Small Haylage Bales and Hay

Our small bales are individually bagged so they offer the following benefits:

1. Less waste v's large bales going off
2. They are easy to lift and handle
3. They are clean and leave no mess in your car!

Large and Medium Haylage Bales and Hay

If you have a requirement for large bales or medium sized bales we can also provide you with these too.Our large bale haylage are approximately 300kg in weight, measuring 5'x3'x3', medium bales are approximately 150kg measuring 3'x3x3'. Bale price changes according to market changes, delivery requirements, distance and volume so please call us or email us to get a quote.

All 4 products are available as large and medium bales.

If you would like to commit to a specific volume we can guarantee your supply off a specific field to give your horse continuity and balance to their diets.

Our current price is £35 for the medium Italian Rye Grass and Traditional haylage bales are £30, £35 for medium High Fibre Haylage and £30 for the medium Hay. Our current price for the large bales is £50. Minimum order is 8 large bales, or 12 medium bales for free delivery within 10 miles.

Our current small bag range is:

Italian Rye Grass Haylage Cost £8.50 per bale

Haylage Cost £8.50 per bale

High Fibre Cost £8.50 per bale

Hay Cost £6.50 per bale

Please contact us if you would like further information.

20kg Haylage Bales packed on site

Easy to handle!!

May  harvest 2008

Kitchen field being baled in glorious summer sun.

6' quadrant bales being made weighing 450kg each

Bale size to suit your needs